Flight Termination Systems

Portable / Rack Mount Quad-Mode FTR Test Set

Flight Termination Receiver Flight Termination Receiver
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The Portable ATE1001 and the 19" 3U Rack Mounted ATE1002 Quad-Mode FTR Test Sets provide the ability to test and certify all parameters of the FTR, generate RF signals for testing, communicate with a Flight Termination Receiver (FTR) in order to obtain the FTR status and configuration information. The FTRTS supports all four FTS protocols; IRIG, High Alphabet, EFTS and FSK. Parameters for all four modes can be varied for limit testing, with test sequences capable of being automated and/or controlled remotely. The user interaction to the FTRTS is via a Graphic User Interface on a 5.7-inch sunlight readable touch screen display. The portable version of the FTRTS includes a rechargeable battery, providing up to eight (8) hours of operation on a charge for flight line use.

The ATE1001 / ATE1002 FTR Test Sets are capable of the following:

Generating Commands
  • IRIG Commands, Pilot, and Tones
  • High Alphabet Commands and Pilot
  • EFTS Messages
  • FSK Protocols
  • External baseband input for special modulation
  • Frame pulse output for timing measurement
Reading and displaying FTR status
  • SSTO (Carrier) level
  • RSTO (EFTS state) or similar analog telemetry
  • Up to 6 Discrete FTR command outputs
  • EFTS FTR serial status information
  • EFTS FTR serial User bits
    Customizable for special situations
  • RF and modulation uses digital SDR techniques
  • External Modulation input supports custom signals
  • LCD display with touch screen allows factory customization of capabilities and menus
  • Configure EFTS FTR via RS-232 port
  • Perform RCC-313 tests 10, 13 23, 26, 29, 32 40
  • Perform test 24 when used with a second generator
  • Future plans to support tests 25 and 31
  • RF output from 10MHz to 1GHz for susceptibility testing
  • RF level from -127dBm to +10dBm for sensitivity and other RF testing
  • Carrier frequency settable in 1.0kHz steps
  • Tone frequencies settable in 1Hz steps
  • Timing settable in 0.1mSec increments
  • All frequencies and timing derived from 0.5 ppm time base
  • ATE1001 Includes rechargeable battery power 8 hours operation on a charge
  • Powerful 650MHz ARM processor can automate test sequences
  • 5.7 sunlight readable LCD with touch screen for control and status
  • USB virtual Communications and Ethernet port for remote access and control
  • TDU slot for EFTS encryption
  • Compact, Portable & lightweight for flight line test use
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