WV Communications has a comprehensive and diverse product line that includes: Solid State Power Amplifier modules with RF power levels from 1 watt to multi-kilowatts, operating from VHF to Ku-Band in Class "A", "AB", "C" and Pulse configurations. Our amplifiers use the latest technologies and designs that provide higher gains with ultra-high efficiency, some designs exceeding 50% efficiency. These amplifier modules are the building blocks for our Space Ground Link System (SGLS) amplifiers.

Our complete line of Flight Termination Equipment supports both IRIG and/or Secure configurations. In addition we have a full compliment of sub-system products for both low and high power applications that includes: Combiners, Dividers, very fast switching Pin Diode Switches, along with a line of Modulators, Up and Down converters operating in the L, S, C, X, Ku and K-Band along with a corresponding line of Translators. Our engineering team can support your custom or unique requirements in a timely, cost effective design approach along with our additional engineering support services for evaluation. We also offer refurbishment and repair of other manufacturers equipment.