WV Communications Designs, Develops, and Manufactures a full suite of solid state power amplifier (SSPA) modules which are part of our standard COTS building blocks. Our Flight Termination Systems High Power Amplifiers and 'L' and 'S' Band Space Ground Link System (SGLS & USB) amplifiers are designed using these power amplifier modules.

The SSPAs are designed with integral power supplies and processor controller that senses, monitors and controls the performance and all functions of the AMPLIFER including but not limited to:

  • RF output power adjust
  • Temperature/Thermostat shutdown
  • Forward/Reflected RF power levels
  • Power amplifier module current
  • Overall Voltage and Current

These functions can be controlled either locally or remotely. Additionally, some models in WV product line have built-in redundancy. This feature results in minimal RF power reduction in the event of a power amplifier module failure.

All Amplifiers modular in design, allowing additional power amplifier modules to be added for higher power levels. WV has developed in house high power combiners yielding low insertion loss combining techniques. This technique requires fewer power modules while maintaining a robust and reliable system design. Our diversified and comprehensive product line includes systems operating in Class "A", "AB" and Pulse configurations with power levels from 1 watt to Multi-Kilowatts. The operating frequencies ranges from VHF to Ku-Band, and are designed for indoor, outdoor, anf flight operation where rigorous environmental conditions persist.