Up/Down Converters


WV Communications offers a full line of High Performance Synthesized Upconverters and/or Downconverters. The line includes single, dual or multiple channel outputs with available IF frequencies at 70, 140, 215, and 720 MHz with corresponding bandwidths from 10 to 320 MHz. Our product line is in use and operational at Test Ranges, Satellite Ground Stations, on Mobile and Fixed Antenna Systems, on ships and various Military aircraft. These converters in some cases are operational 24/7 in some of the harshest environmental conditions. The converters incorporate the latest engineering design technologies yielding low phase noise and spectral purity, minimal intermodulation distortion and ultra-linearity, while providing exceptional overall system reliability.

All of our Synthesized Upconverter and-or Downconverters have their own integral power supplies and microprocessor controller, which senses, monitors, alarms and controls all functions and performance of the frequency converters. All of these functions can be controlled either locally or remotely.