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PA1033 PA1105
PA1033 Amp PA1105 Amp
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1030/1090MHz Pulsed Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Power Amplifiers

Model PA1033 3,200W
Model PA1033-001 4,000W

NEW: Model PA1105 Dual 1,200W

WVs' high power IFF power amplifier 3,200W model number PA1033 and 4,000W PA1033-001 are used to transmit IFF long Mode 5 and Mode S 112 bit interrogation pulses. Operating at Class AB this compact package generates 3,200W/4,000W Minimum at 1 dB compression Point (4,000 Watt /+66 dBm and 5,000W/+67 dBm Typical). The Amplifier has controlled response to 1090MHz (-2 dB) enabling it to be used as Interrogator and Responder as necessary. Size is 9.50"X 6.87"X 4.40". The Amplifier is built around very high efficiency brazed Heatsink resulting in small air cooled package for easy thermal management.
A pulsed input of +10 dBm, nominal, produces an output level of +65/+66 dBm. Output harmonic levels are low for the amount of power delivered to the load. The second harmonic is -40 dBc typical while all other harmonics are less than -70 dBc. These Amplifiers operate off of a +34Vdc,+12Vdc, and a +5Vdc supply. The maximum current on the +34Vdc supply is 6.0/8.0 Amps under normal operating conditions. Input and output return loss is -20 dB typical.

WV Amplifier Model PA1105 is a Dual 1,200W Amplifier with similar specifications to the PA1033-XXX series above operating off +5/+12Vdc. The PA1105 enables simultaneous operation in both SUM and SLS channels at all modes including long Mode S and Mode 5.

Built in self-protection features
  1. Duty cycle limiter on the amplifier that will shut down the unit when the duty cycle exceeds a predetermined unsafe limit.
  2. Pulse width monitor to protect the HPA in case the pulse width exceeds a predetermined level.
  3. Output isolator protecting against load mismatch.
  4. Power supplies are protected from over voltage and over current.
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