Flight Termination Systems

Complete Turnkey Flight Termination Systems

WV Communications offers complete Turnkey System using our standard Quad-Mode COTS FTS Products for EFTS, IRIG, FSK and High Alpha configurations that are used in support of Flight Termination programs at Test Ranges around the World. Our products incorporate the latest engineering designs using GAN and LDMOS RF Devices, DDS, DSP, and FPGA technologies that provide for the highest performance and reliability on the market today. All of WV latest Flight Termination equipment is Ethernet UDP/IP based allowing fast and reliable Control and monitoring. Unsolicited Messages are sent in a very efficient way triggered by changing events thus avoiding unnecessary traffic overload.

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Microcontroller controls and monitors

  • RF output power adjust
  • Over-temperature/thermostat shutdown
  • Forward/Reflected RF Power Levels displayed in dBm or Watts
  • Final Amplifier module current detection and sensing
  • Overall HPA voltage and current

Additionally, if one of the final amplifier modules fails reducing its output power level, the other final amplifier modules output levels are increased by the Microcontroller. This results in the RF output power decreasing by a maximum of only 1dB while the remaining high-power modules operate well below their maximum rated power levels. In case of multiple failures the system controller uses smart Gracefull degradation algorithm reducing the RF output power to a safe level avoiding dangerous Amplifier cascaded failures while maintaing as high RF output level as high as safely possible.

Quad-Mode RF Exciter / Tone Encoders:

We have recently completely revamped our Quad-Mode Exciter/Encoder line. Now one unit can do all this:

  • Modulate up to six simultaneous IRIG tones
  • Format and modulate complete high alphabet secure messages
  • Format and modulate FSK messages
  • Format and modulate EFTS Encrypted messages
  • Accepts TDU units
One simple push of a softkey button or a single remote command is all that is needed to switch between modes.

Quad-Mode Verification Receiver:

Our newest Quad-Mode Receiver has been designed to meet the latest demands of EFTS. It is the most versatile units on the market.

  • Decodes IRIG tones and messages
  • Decodes complete high alphabet secure messages
  • Decodes FSK messages
  • Decodes EFTS Encrypted messages
  • Accepts TDU units

Our receivers utilize built in circuitry and firmware monitoring several critical parameters including Iternal Power Supply Voltages, Tone Frequency, Tone Rise / Fall times, Tone Deviation / Amplitude, RF Carrier Frequency and more. In addition, the Receiver will generate an unsolicited message via Ethernet Ethernet UDP/IP packet whenever there is a status change or an out-of-tolerance condition is encountered.