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IFF Front End

The IFF Front End is a custom built RF assembly that essentially contains all the RF circuitry for a complete ground based IFF system (with the exception of the PA). Included in the Front End Assembly are I/Q modulators that produce the SUM, OMNI, and DIFF RF channels. A complete system of receive channels is also included, along with an extensive built in test capability. The Front End Assembly also contains the RF power circuitry employed after the PA. These circuits include high directivity forward, and reverse couplers for all RF channels, RSSI monitoring capability, and high power band pass filters for harmonic suppression.

The IFF Front End Assembly is a very high quality, highly reliable, component to an IFF system. Many IFF Front End Assemblies have been built and they have been in service in remote sites for the last 5 years.

WV Communications specializes in custom built complex RF assemblies that require very high reliability and operation under severe environmental conditions.

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