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WV Communications designs and produces a number of multi-couplers, and power dividers. Standard designs include:
  1. Dual 1 x 4 1350-2400MHz Multicoupler:  MC-1350-2400-1X4
  2. 1 x 8 1435-2400MHz Multicoupler:  MC1000-01
  3. 8 way 800 to 2400 MHz Power Divider:  Specs

The multi-couplers generally contain active circuitry to produce unity gains with very high output port to port isolations (50 dB). Intercept and P1 dB points are also very high.

Power splitters are generally passive. They consist of multi-section Wilkinson dividers to obtain very broad bandwidths. WV Communications will do custom designs for other bandwidths and dividing ratios.