Flight Termination Systems

Portable Tri-Mode FTR Test Set

ATE1001 FTR Flight Termination Receiver
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The Portable Tri-Mode FTR Test Set provides the ability to communicate with a Flight Termination Receiver (FTR) in order to obtain the FTR’s status and configuration information, and the ability to generate an RF signal for testing FTRs. The FTRTS supports all three FTS protocols; which are IRIG, High Alphabet & EFTS. Parameters for all three modes can be varied for limit testing, with test sequences capable of being automated and/or controlled remotely. The user interaction to the FTRTS is via a Graphic User Interface on a 5.7-inch sunlight readable touch screen display. The portable version of the FTRTS includes a rechargeable battery, providing up to eight (8) hours of operation on a charge for flight line use.

The ATE1001 is capable of the following:

Generating Commands
  • IRIG Commands, Pilot, and Tones
  • High Alphabet Commands and Pilot
  • EFTS Messages
  • External baseband input for special modulation
  • Frame pulse output for timing measurement
Reading and displaying FTR status
  • SSTO (Carrier) level
  • RSTO (EFTS state) or similar analog telemetry
  • Up to 6 discrete FTR command outputs
  • EFTS FTR serial status information
  • EFTS FTR serial User bits
    Customizable for special situations
  • RF and modulation uses digital SDR techniques
  • External Modulation input supports custom signals
  • LCD display with touch screen allows factory customization of capabilities and menus
  • RF output from 10MHz to 1GHz for susceptibility testing
  • RF level from -127dBm to +13dBm for sensitivity and other RF testing
  • Carrier frequency settable in 1.0kHz steps
  • Tone frequencies settable in 1Hz steps
  • Timing settable in 0.1ms increments
  • All frequencies and timing derived from 0.5 ppm time base
  • Includes rechargeable battery power – 8 hours operation on a charge
  • Powerful 650MHz ARM processor can automate test sequences
  • 5.7” sunlight readable LCD with touch screen for control and status
  • USB virtual Communications and Ethernet port for remote access and control
  • TDU slot for EFTS encryption
  • Built-in encryption using published EFTS test code, eliminating the need for a TDU in some cases
  • Built-in High Alphabet test codes
  • Compact, portable & lightweight for flight line use
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